How to make money with International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN)​

There are different ways of making money while in front of your computer desk. Being an influencer, cross-selling, offering certain outsourcing services. A niche way of doing this is by calling premium rate numbers.

Premium Rate Numbers are phone numbers for telephone calls during which certain services are provided.

Premium Rate numbers traffic could be with real content or service or arbitrage.

It’s rather a straightforward process. You simply have to type “Buy international Premium Rate numbers” into google search and a few companies like Mediatel should pop-up.

You pick on of these companies, register on their test panel

You might want to check if you’re able to run arbitrage traffic as that’s the one guaranteed to make money.

To do this, enter “Free calls to the required destination” into google search. A few companies might be offering free calls.
For example, if a company is offering calls to Nepal at $0.12/minute and an IPRN company is offering at $0.15/minute. The difference is $0.03/minute. This is your margin. If you ran 10,000 mins that would be $300. Simple right!

After registering on the IPRN test Panel, find the test numbers. Then test all Nepalese test numbers till you see your dialling number and dialled number on the CDRs.

Once you see both dialled premium rate number and dialling number on the CDR, that means there is access. Contact your account manager for some more numbers.

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